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QB stands for Quality Business.We are located in Ireland.Our aim in QB Ireland is to provide you with an unique experience that will enable you to deploy your newly acquired skills successfully in the Manufacturing and/or Services Sector.

Our e-Learning is Self-paced, Modular and of high quality with plenty of mentoring. We work with you to personalise your course

as much as possible, and where a project completion is required we can provide you with all the information to complete the project successfully.

Our classroom and In-house courses are fun and aim to provide you with the skills your require. If you want to connect to us securely, come back with the following URL: https://QBIreland.com



Agile Lean Six Sigma

our aim in QB ireland is to provide you with the unique e-learning experience.

Your experience with QB Ireland will enable you to deploy the newly acquired skills successfully after the course aswell.

Not only is the e-Learning self paced modular we work with you to personalise as much as possible.

If you work in the Services sector we will provide you with modules revelant to the Services sector. If you work in the Manufacturing sector we will provide you with the modules revelant to the Manufacturing sector.


Complete a Yellow Belt Project in one day!

Complete a Green Belt Project in one week!

Complete a Black Belt Project in one month!

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Theory of inventive problem solving

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